Child Hug Uganda - Finland ry

Sini is currently working as a Communications Assistant, whilst finishing her master’s studies at the University of Helsinki. She is the secretary, as well as one of the founding members of the organisation. She joined the organisation because she wanted to directly support people in vulnerable positions. Sini is interested particularly in women’s rights and wishes to be part of increasing people’s awareness of these issues in Finland. During her free time Sini enjoys music and travelling.

Linda is a master’s student of environmental change and global sustainability, minoring in development studies. She is particularly interested in human rights and climate change issues, of which she became interested in having volunteered in Lebanon. Linda got to know the work of Child Hug Uganda in 2018, when she was working in Uganda. Soon after Brenda and Nick asked her to join the team and start a sister organisation in Finland that could support the activities in Uganda. During her free time, Linda is a keen runner and enjoys reading good books.

Salla is a master’s student of Intercultural Encounters at the University of Helsinki. She is one of the founding members of Child Hug in Finland and the current treasurer of the organisation. In her studies, Salla focuses on understanding cultural diversities and is particularly interested in questions related to justice. She is pleased to be part of the Child Hug team as it allows her to work on her interest areas and to improve the lives of others in practice. On her free time, she is a keen reader and a true movie-enthusiast.

Miisa is a master’s student of peace and mediation, minoring in sustainable development. Miisa is vice-chair and one of the founder’s in Finland. She has multiple years of experience in working with NGOs, including as a development worker in Nepal. Miisa wants to be building constructive and respectful partnerships with Child Hug Uganda and create to positive change – one person at the time. Miisa is currently working on her thesis which examines Uganda's refugee policies. On her free time, she likes to spend time outdoors and is active “Netflix-marathoner”.

Linda Lammensalo

Vice chair

Sinituuli Untamala

Salla Sigvart

Child Hug Uganda - Finland ry's board in 2020


Miisa Pöyry



Alice studies in the Intercultural Encounters Master’s programme in Helsinki and is interested in development cooperation. She has been an active CHUF member from the beginning and now works as the communications officer. Not too long ago, Alice volunteered in Togo, with the La Maison sans frontieres organization  She has multiple years of experience working with children and is enthusiastic in finding ways to solve various issues. At the moment, she is writing her master’s thesis on the material she gathered in Togo. In her free time she expresses her creativity and plays volleyball.

Alice sinicato

Communications Officer